4 Practical Ways to Celebrate The Vernal Equinox

4 Practical Ways to Celebrate The Vernal Equinox

The Vernal Equinox is a time of saying goodbye to the darkness of winter and celebrating the return of the sun.

This is a time of fertility when new growth, new beginnings, and the promise of things to come is first in everyone’s mind.

Try lighting a bonfire and writing down some old habits or simply thoughts you need to let go of then burn them in the fire.

To celebrate this changing of seasons, try lighting a bonfire and writing down some old habits or simply thoughts you need to let go of then burn them in the fire. Open your heart to the potential the future holds and let go of whatever negativity the past represents. Take time to thoughtfully consider the negative influences in your life and determine if now is the time to cut those ties.

Then take a few minutes to consider what you would like to see happen in this new year. Write those down and burn them as well as a dedication to seeing them accomplished. The fire represents both a purging of old and dedication to the new.

To take this celebration one step further, consider planting some seeds (this can even be done in an apartment using a small pot if you’re not able to plan outside) and watching as they grow, and you grow, in this time of transition from dark to light.

Practical ways to celebrate spring:

  1. Cleanse something you’ve been putting off – your car, a room in your house, a drawer, yourself… etc.
  2. Be intentional about the transition and mindful of your part in this season. Set some intentions for yourself!
  3. Plant some seeds and watch them grow as you are also growing. Choose a plant or flower that reminds you of an intention you have set and watch it blossom!
  4. Get out into nature and breath in the goodness of the earth! Take a hike or go for a walk.
  5. Focus on a new mantra. 

Mantras for Spring:

First, what is a mantra? If we take the word all the way back to the beginning, we see that in Sanskrit the root man- means ‘to think’ or in some translation’s ‘mind’. The suffix -tra means ‘tool’. Meaning mantras are meant to be tools for the mind.

As humans, we say things to ourselves all the time. Things like ‘I’m too fat’, ‘I’ll never be like _____’, ‘I can’t’.

For most of us, we chant these mantras almost like a religion and for far too many of us, we believe them. This personal disparaging is something that we need to release and let go of and there is no better time than the Vernal Equinox!

This is specifically a time of letting go of the negative and embracing what we already know to be true – things like ‘I am capable of more than I realize’, ‘I was created unique and perfect just the way I am’ or ‘I will celebrate the light I see in myself today’.

Take a moment to meditate on what mantra you need to burn in the fire and let go of, and what mantras you need to write down on your bathroom mirror, so you see it every day and start to believe.  

Here are a few suggestions:

  • The darkness will not hold me back.
  • Today I embrace the light.
  • I am created perfect and unique.
  • New growth is within me.
  • The past is not my future.

How are you celebrate this spring? Let us know in the comments how you are using this time of year to let go of the negative and embrace the new.

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