6 Crystals for Lighting Your Love Life on Fire

6 Crystals for Lighting Your Love Life on Fire

Create a crystal collection to take your love life and light it on fire!

Rose Quartz can enhance love energy that is already in the space.

Raw Rose Quartz Alternative Engagement Ring | The Fox and Stone

Known as the Stone of Universal Love, Rose Quartz is a must for any collection seeking to enhance love energy that is already in the space. Because it is a quartz, it amplifies surrounding energy while not holding on to or creating any of its own. This amplification makes it the perfect stone to pair with others that create and mold energy. More than that, Rose Quartz can also help restore trust, encourage love and harmony and held remind us to open our hearts to the love around us.

Rhodonite is a powerful passion stone.

This stone in particular with Rhodonite can help heal those past heart hurts that seem to plague us all. Used together, Rhodonite and Rose Quartz can encourage us to let go of fear and pain, preparing out hearts for finding new love or letting go of hurt in our current relationship (because we ALL have them) and preparing our hearts to go deeper with that person.

Malachite helps us face fear so we can move forward.

Once we have let go of the fear, self-consciousness and emotional blockages that may be holding us back from finding out one true love, the use of Malachite may take you deeper into that moment of preparation. The use of Malachite isn’t about finding the next summer fling. This crystal is about finding deep, grounding, lasting love for a lifetime. Your soulmate. If you’re not ready to find a soulmate, go back to the Rose Quartz and Rhodonite until you feel your heart is open to taking that leap. It is scary but when you are ready it is also freeing. Fear isn’t holding you back and your soul is open to finding it’s other half. Even if you are already in an amazing relationship, this deeper soul connection might be what has been missing. No matter if you have been together for 20 minutes or 20 years, we all get in our own way at times when it comes to moving a relationship forward. Personally, I have been happily married to a partner who I know loves me deeply and yet it was only recently that I allowed myself to fully experience his love both in and out of the bedroom and let me tell you it was frightening to my core being so open (even after 10 years!) but the reward but a deeper connection physically and emotionally. Sometimes using crystals has nothing to do with the energy they manifest but more about the physical reminder to take a leap, to confront emotions or trauma, to learn to love, or get out of our own way.

Fire Agate helps us make the hero’s journey from darkness into light.

Specifically for this adding a Fire Agate to the mix is how we get from emotional darkness into light. Known as the Hero’s Journey, this stone is about the path we all walk through who we are into who we could be. More than this, Fire Agate is a fiercely protective and joyful stone creating an atmosphere of emotional protection. This stone is key to actually making the leap of vulnerability, letting go and opening up to our partner. Helping guard our mind against the opinions of others, Fire Agate empowers us each to make this journey our own and not be afraid of the ending. Take that leap and trust in your partner.

Garnet and Blue Sapphire light a fire of passion.

Raw Sapphire Alternative Engagement Ring | The Fox and Stone


Lastly, Garnet and Blue Sapphire add balance and infuse passion into this collection. Garnet is a passionate yet balancing stone taking all of these energies and synthesizing them into an atmosphere of vulnerability and growth. Combined with Blue Sapphire, a stone of pure passion, we take this amazing mix of energy and combine them to create the perfect mix for a bedroom that already has love or create an open heart to seek and attract that kind of love. This is really what the crystals are all about, self-acceptance, discovery, love and growth. We want any crystal we add to our home to be one of growth taking us from who we are to who we could be. This collection emphasizes that in terms of love, vulnerability, passion and not only with a partner but they could be used alone to heal and grow alone before allowing your heart to be open to another person.

So this is awesome information, Jeana, but how do I get the crystals?

Would you rather wear some of these crystals rather than having a collection? Our Lovers Ring is the perfect way to wear something stunning and carry that reminder and energy with you everywhere you go!

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Needing to add some passion? This Blue Sapphire ring would be a wonderful addition to your collection of wearable crystals.

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Want to design your own custom piece?

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