A Brief History of Aquamarine

A Brief History of Aquamarine

A Brief History of Aquamarine

My world is full of myths, legends, fairy tales and folklore. It’s inspired my imagination since I first learned to read, inspired me in college to get a degree in English Literature, and today inspires the jewelry I make.

Since March is just around the corner let’s dive deep and discover the amazing world of Aquamarine.

It is an Ancient stone steeped in lore most of which revolves around Love, Protection and Reconciliation and is closely associated with mermaids.

Let’s start with the Romans who believed that Aquamarine could capture and inspire young love. It has been famously said ‘When blessed and worn, it joins in love, and does great things.’ This is why it was often given to a bride by her groom upon the consummation of their marriage. Later in Medieval Europe, it was thought to help reawaken love among older married couples. Truthfully, if given a large Aquamarine in a time of marital strife - I could see the wife being “grateful” (wink wink).

Settlers of Ancient Mesopotamia like the Sumerians, Hebrews, and Egyptians saw it as a stone of prosperity and Love which perhaps led into the mermaid legends.

Most famously though it’s a crystal that’s associated with the sea. Since Aquamarine literally means “seawater” and the color so perfectly reflects a calm sea it follows that sailors would adopt it as their stone of choice. Sailors would often wear or carry an Aquamarine as protections against stormy seas (maybe because the stone always looks like a calm sea?) and also protection against the Sirens of the Seas. Many believed in fact, that Aquamarine originated in a mermaid’s treasure chest and came from the depths of the ocean herself. Sailors also believed that mermaid tails were made of Aquamarine and that you could see a glimmering fin here and there while out on open water.

However it is that we came to have this amazing stone, we can rest in the knowledge that the piece you wear is wrapped in an ancient canon of legend. By wearing it, you are carrying on a centuries-old tradition and perhaps simply this knowledge will inspire you to look deeper at those around you, find the calm in their seas and look upon them with new love.


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