natural turquoise engagement ring rose gold bohemian wedding ring
natural turquoise engagement ring rose gold bohemian wedding ring
Natural Turquoise Ring in 14k Rose Gold
natural turquoise engagement ring rose gold bohemian wedding ring
natural turquoise engagement ring rose gold bohemian wedding ring
Natural Turquoise Ring in 14k Rose Gold

Natural Turquoise Ring in 14k Rose Gold

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Made from the earth itself, our new Earthen Elementals Collection features rings that are already made using solid 14k gold and sterling silver. We've taken all the care, knowledge and artistry that we have been building over the last decade and poured it into a new ever-evolving collection of rings that is already made but can be resized quickly to fit your individual size. They can be worn as engagement rings, anniversary, special occasion or just every day!

This is one of our most popular designs, but we are including this ring in our Earthen Elementals collection because it is ready to ship! This ring features a beautiful hand-cut ethically American mined Turquoise surrounded by 14k Rose Gold.

It is currently a size 6, but can be resized for free before shipping if needed. Just let me know in the notes at checkout what size you need. We can work in quarter sizes. If you have any questions about this feel free to email before purchasing.


Quick Details
Current Size: 5.5 (free resizing)
Stone: Natural American Turquoise
Metal: 14k Rose Gold


Let's Take Care of Your Jewelry!

You just bought one of our beautiful pieces and now you want to know how to make it last as long as possible.  We've got you covered!

Electroformed and Plated Jewelry

Almost all of our Electroformed jewelry, both Copper and Fine Silver, is plated 2-4 microns thick which is more than double the industry standard of 0.5 microns.  Even that will eventually begin to wear through.  While you can wear it all the time, we do recommend removing the jewelry when showering or sleeping for maximum longevity. We usually recommend having a piece plated every 6-12 months or as needed based on wear. When that time comes, you can message us about replating or take it to a local jeweler. 
Do not use a polishing cloth or polishing solution if your ring is gold plated! It will remove the gold plating. If your ring is Bare Fine Silver, you can use a either a polishing cloth or polishing solution safely on your ring. 

Cast Jewelry (Solid 14k Gold or Sterling Silver)

Our custom Cast jewelry is heirloom quality and made with the best materials available.  When ordering a bare silver or solid gold piece, we include a Sunshine Polishing Cloth with each custom order and recommend cleaning with warm water and soap, allow it to dry, then polish with the Sunshine Cloth.  You can also take it to your local jeweler for cleaning if you don't want to do it yourself!  

Q: Where are you based?

A: We are located in Washington State. 


Q: Do you have a storefront I can visit?

A: No. We are an online-only store.


Q: I’ve ordered a Made-To-Order piece, will it look EXACTLY like the photo in the listing?

A: No, the photos in Made-To-Order listings show examples of how it may look.  We work with Raw Gemstones and no two stones are exactly alike.  If you really like a specific photo, let us know when you check out and we can work with you to find the closest stone we have in our collection.

Q: Are these rings safe for daily wear?

A: Yes! There are a few things to be aware of when wearing a raw stone piece of jewelry, however. Raw stones, while stunning for their natural beauty, have many points of cleavage (fissures) within the stones. When a stone is cut and faceted, it is done in part to enhance the beauty of the stone, but also to stabilize it by reducing or eliminating those cleavage points.

Here at Fox & Stone, we celebrate the natural beauty of raw stones knowing that over time they may change. Pieces can potentially chip or break and the stone could change as your life with the piece progresses. For us, this is part of the beauty of working with raw stones and we wear our own rings every day 24/7 happily embracing the changes life makes to them. 

However, if you are someone who does not want their stone to change, raw stones are not a good choice for you. If this you, please reach out and contact us because we also work with faceted stones, and would love to create something within our aesthetic that fits your needs. 


Q: I’ve had one of your plated pieces for awhile now and I love it!  But the plating is starting to wear off, can you re-plate it?

A: We do not offer plating services any longer, but you can take your piece to a local jeweler and they should be able to plate it or send it out for plating. If they ask how the piece was made, we can help you by identifying the fabrication technique. Please email us at


Q:  I really like your current designs, but I want to change it just a little bit.  Can I do that without going through a full custom build?

A: If you just want a simple change like a different stone or a custom size, we will assess that on a case-by-case basis, but will likely be able to accommodate you. Just contact us before you order so we can talk through it.


Q: I want something really special since I'll be proposing soon. Do you make custom engagement rings or bridal jewelry?

A: YES! We absolutely love making engagement rings. Check out our custom design process here. 


Q: I found one of your older designs online.  Can you still make it?

A: Many of our retired designs are unable to be recreated, but please contact us because we might be able to make something similar.  


Q: What if it doesn't fit?

A: Be sure you measured correctly before ordering! We DO NOT resize any Opal or Turquoise rings because the likelihood of destroying the Opal or Turquoise is too high. We can resize most other cast pieces so if you have any questions please message and ask!

For more information on sizing accurately- go HERE.


Q: What are your office hours?

A: We are in the office varying hours Mon-Thur. We are not in the office at all on Fridays. Consultations are available on Tuesdays & Thursdays. If you are living outside the US, want to book a custom consultation, and cannot fit within these time perimeters, please contact us for special accommodation.


Q: Can I have a personalized note added if I'm shipping to someone for a gift?

A: Yes, we would love to include a handwritten a note for you! Just let us know in at checkout what you want to say. 

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