Spring Glow

Spring Glow

Warm rays of golden sun warmed her cheeks as she turned her face into the healing glow.  A gentle breeze danced across her closed eyes making her lashes flutter.

She sighed, feeling herself come alive just like the daffodils and tulips by her feet.

This was Spring.

The equinox had arrived and the world around her embraced the longer light shouting their glee in bursts of color all around her.

This is magical. No wait, she thinks This is magic. A magic I can be part of as it caresses my skin. A magic I can taste on the pollinated air. This is a magic I see even with my eyes closed as the scent of lilac fills me. This is Spring.

She turns and walks back into the office building where she works, thanking the sun for it’s healing glow once again and once again sighing. The magic of Spring will not soon be forgotten even in her small cubicle as she carries a daffodil to place by her computer.