You weren't made to fit a mold and neither is our jewelry. Instead, we make the mold to fit you.

You are a free spirit.

You will tread the planet for the most unique experiences and items this world has to offer and aren't afraid to embrace things that other's may not. 

You are the leaders in this world, not the followers.

So are we.

Who are we?

We are Jeana and Jared. A husband and wife team working together to create unique luxury jewelry for you while building a life for our family.

That moment is where it all began for us. Jared has worked by my side making earrings and supporting my creativity for years. In 2017, we took a leap of faith and Jared quit his corporate job to work at home full-time with me to build our dream. Now, we work together raising 3 kids and making dreams come true one piece of jewelry at a time.

Together, lets make your perfect piece of jewelry.