About Us

You weren't made to fit a mold and neither is our jewelry. Instead, we make the mold to fit you.

You are a free spirit.

You will tread the planet for the most unique experiences and items this world has to offer and aren't afraid to embrace things that other's may not. 

You are the leaders in this world, not the followers.

So am I.

My name is Jeana.

the fox and stone alternative engagement ring wedding jewelry bohemian raw stone

Most of my life has been spent as a gypsy moving from place to place, exploring the world, immersing myself in various cultures. blue raw crystal ring gemstone alternative bridalIn Bali, the crystal clear blue water inspired me to incorporate raw Blue Apatite and Aquamarine. 





the fox and stone alternative engagement rings wedding jewelry bohemian raw gemstones

While in Honduras, we lived and worked on the side of a dormant volcano. The deep red clay, the vivid green of the banana trees, and the clear water in the pools and waterfalls all wrapped around me inspiring pieces like our Malachite Copper ring. 




I have sailed along the canals that spot the English countryside and found the beauty within those vibrant grassy plains. The wind whipped through my hair as I walked along the black rocky roads in Iceland, and inspired pieces like this raw Black Diamond and Aquamarine ring in honor of those black volcanic stones meeting the cold blue sea.

alternative engagement rings raw gemstone unique wedding jewelry(My son working with me in the studio) 


All of these vast experiences, and thousands more, have developed my sense of self and style in a way unlike any other.  The earth provides the greatest beauty and my jewelry is centered around showcasing the raw simplicity of crystals and gemstones when they are honored rather than cut, shaped and transformed.

 black diamond raw aquamarine alternative engagement ring bohemian

Together lets make your perfect piece of jewelry.


luxury modern raw crystal gemstone jewelry the fox and stone bride wedding