Autumnal Equinox Subscription Box


All the jewelry in this box is bare copper (the bracelet and necklace have been sealed, the earrings are Rose Gold plated):

> Necklace: This box includes a stunning Quartz and Carnelian necklace in a teardrop shape. Retail: $100

> Earrings: Raw Carnelian hung on custom Rose Gold plated ear wires. Retail $60

> Bracelets: Crescent and Emeralds on a copper cuff. Retail $150

Retail value: $310

Carnelian: Said to help attract prosperity and increase luck, among other things, and has been worn as a talisman for success.

Emerald: Called "the Stone of Successful Love" and is thought to help open the Heart Chakra. 



Custom created for this box from Betty Sue Apothecary: 

> A bag of Bath Balm custom curated and created for you to add some relaxation this fall and winter to your bath. Use as little or as much as you want! Retail: $12

> Natural Essential Oil based Hand Sanitizer. This spray is an all-natural way to keep yourself or your littles away from germs this season! Retail: $10

Retail value: $22



Bag of crystals curated just for this specialty box:

Peach Moonstone: Emotionally supportive and can help sooth anxiety and bringing out the best in people.  

Quartz: A powerful healing stone that enhances the energy surrounding it. 

Snow Quartz: Emanates with a soft feminine energy that radiates discretion, discernment and patience.

Picture Jasper: said to help grounding and harmonizing, also said to help boost the immune system

Yellow Jasper: A talisman of protection to guard those who are travelling

Blue Apatite: The Stone of Manifestation helping clear away confusion and achieve goals.  

Green Aventurine: A lucky stone also known as The Stone of Opportunity. Often called the luckiest of stones. 

Retail Value: $36.50


Bits & Baubles 

The skies are getting a little more cloudy, the temperature is falling with the leaves, and germs are waiting around every corner. This season I wanted to make sure you can battle both the cold/flu season yuckies (Hand Sanitizer) and the internal emotional yuckies that can sometimes follow this season. For that reason, I have included a extra large smudge bundle. 

This bundle including Cedar smudge stick, Yerba Santa Sage smudge stick and Palo Santo Incense Stick and a bag of loose Patchouli incense. 

Here are a couple great articles on how to burn sage:

If you're interested in burning the Patchouli, here is an article that can help teach you to do that safely:

If you don't want to burn the Patchouli, you can always put the bundle in your closet to help gives your clothes a wonderful aroma or you can pour it into a bowl. 

Lastly, here is a great article about how to use Palo Santo and it's benefits:


Retail: $23.50


Created exclusively for this box by Fifth & String, this little kit has everything you'll need to create the perfect mini crystal string art. It's 4 x 4" square which means it'll fit on your desk or anywhere you want to place it. Have fun!

Retail Value: $15.00