Jewelry Care Instructions

Cast Jewelry (Solid 14k Gold or Sterling Silver)

Our jewelry is heirloom quality and made with the best materials available.  When ordering a silver or gold piece, we include a polishing cloth with each order. We recommend cleaning with warm water and soap, allow it to dry, then polish with the cloth whenever you feel it needs a shine.  Most of our jewelry (Opals are the exception!) is specifically designed to be worn 24/7, but feel free to take it off whenever you want. I personally wear my rings to bed, in the shower and to wash dishes, but if you have questions about the stone in your ring please email and we can let you know more specific care instructions for your ring.

You can also take it to your local jeweler for cleaning if you don't want to do it yourself.

Electroformed and Plated Jewelry


If you have purchased an electroformed piece and it needs to be re-plated, your local jeweler should be able to do this for you. Often jewelers will ask what materials the piece is made with. You can respond: It is an electroformed piece made with a core of Fine Silver and gemstones. If it was plated before (bare Fine Silver rings were not plated), it was originally plated with 14k Yellow Gold, 18k Rose Gold or Rhodium depending on your specific ring.

What to Expect from Long-Term Daily Wear

As with any piece you wear daily, you may notice scratching or scuffing on the stone or band. This will vary depending on what you do with your hands since no two of us live the same life. Anything beyond moderate scuffing or scratching is abnormal, so please reach out if you feel your ring has abnormal wear to determine if it qualifies for warranty repair.