Fox Outta The Box

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I have been an entrepreneur since I was 5 years old and in that time I've learned a LOT! I've learned in the last couple years how passionate I am about helping other small business owners or soon-to-be business owners look at their current situation from a different perspective. Sometimes all you need is a creative infusion to get your own thoughts moving forward.

Honestly, that's my superpower.


What does a session with you look like?
It's a lot like grabbing coffee with a friend for half an hour. We'll meet on Zoom and have a video call (I'll record this for later reference) and you'll start by telling me a little bit about your business. Then I'll ask questions to try and pinpoint a couple areas that 'out of the box' ideas might fit or offer suggestions on how to tweak what you're already offering for a new type of client, new environment or just refresh it to appeal to your current market a little better.

Am I guaranteed to walk away with a new perspective?
Yes! I can guarantee you that we'll look at things together from a different perspective, but that doesn't mean I guarantee you'll walk away with earth-shattering revelations. Sometimes it just takes thinking about an idea/product/client differently to make a huge difference.

Why you?

I'm not just a successful small business owner, but have been asked to speak at the Flourish and Thrive Live event in NYC, been interviewed by Why Not Mom and Medium Online Magazine about my business and success, and most recently asked to teach a Masterclass on this very topic.


Here are what some of my past clients have said:

"Jeana has an incredible way of not only viewing your business as a potential buyer but also as an industry expert. She's able to see problems and unique solutions that, as a business owner, I easily overlooked."
-- Jacqueline G., Blue Lotus Design Company

"Jeana's perspective on my business was a breath of fresh air! She helped me see possibilities that I'd never even considered before. A short conversation with her changed the trajectory of my business growth this year!"
-- Shaina L., Your Ampersand Studio

"Jeana has an incredible sense for business and especially brainstorming ideas for growth. Anytime I feel stuck or frustrated she's the first person I go to for advice."
-- Erin A., Alexander Design Co.