How do we make it?

 Our Design Philosophy

Our jewelry requires very little maintenance and we designed it that way on purpose. As a mom who homeschools, a business owner, and an all around busy person thinking about taking off my rings when working with my hands isn't foremost in my mind. So I design rings for people like me. Specifically our 'stone-in-place' pieces are designed to be put on and worn 24/7. But how do we do that?


All of our jewelry is cast metal.

In 2019, we officially added casting to our repertoire and have spent the following years perfecting our technique that allows us to keep our organic style in 14k Gold and Sterling Silver. This year, we officially ended electroforming because it's just not as durable long-term as we want for our clients and moved fully into cast-metal jewelry.

We start by carefully handcrafting each piece by hand in a delicate wax model. This is the exact form that will become the final metal design. Most of these models are created by our master carver and custom designer, Jared. 

wax model cast metal jewelry alternative bridal jewellery (this wax model showcases stones-in-place for casting)

We also heavily employ a rarely used technique called 'stone-in-place' casting. We leave the stones in the wax model as the it goes through the kiln and firing process. This technique allows the molten metal to be flung directly around the stones creating a wonderful seal around the stones which requires very little maintenance over time. The final result is an organic style piece of jewelry with our classic dash of unpredictability and a design that even when re-created will be unlike any other. The beauty of handcrafted wax models is that no two pieces can be fabricated exactly the same way twice. 

fox and stone alternative custom bridal jewelry
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