The Creation Process

How Exactly Does This Magic Take Life?

The Fox and Stone Raw Gemstone Jewelry

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The Aquamarine sits nestled in a cocoon of Fine Silver sheathed in Rose Gold that was created particle by particle fitting into each contour of the stone. The subtly of this design is showcases the stone in all her natural glory, the curves, the bumps, the flaws and the perfection. When science and nature collide, electroforming creates these ethereal pieces of wearable earth-art and thus the mold is made around the stone; metal conforming to crystal. 


After the initial creation has been formed, then we blanket her in a layer of protection and color. You can choose to have the piece plated in Rhodium, one of earth's rarest and hardest metals that is silver in color. Perhaps instead you like the luxurious softness of 18k Rose Gold or the buttery grace of 24k Yellow Gold. Do you like it shiny and bright or soft and matte? We can accommodate either choice in all our metals creating a finish much like the start- a mold, a piece of jewelry, made to fit only you perfectly.