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Worry Stone
pocket stone agate stone strawberry quartz
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bumblebee jasper pocket stone den collection
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Worry Stone

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Worry stones are just that, a stone that you can carry in your pocket and 'worry' or rub to help alleviate fear, anxiety, stress or worry. 

Strawberry Quartz- Strawberry Quartz has all the attributes of clear Quartz with the added benefit of amplifying specifically love and relationship related energy. *video to show depth of color and inclusions

Bumblebee Jasper- Bumblebee Jasper features beautiful almost mosaic patterns of yellow, orange, black and gray. It’s believed to help boos energy, promote happiness and joy while stimulating mental activity and honesty. It’s a great stone choice for creatives as it helps to promote creativity and helps you achieve your dreams.

Charoite- A stone of acceptance and insight, Charoite is often used in mediation to help raise one’s vibration. It can help those that wear or practice with it to see things clearly and gain further insight into past experiences.

Dendritic Agate- Often called the “stone of plentitude, dendritic agate is associated with abundance, prosperity and growth in all aspects of one’s life. Dendritic agate can range from translucent to opaque but is characterized by inclusions of small, branch-like dendrites composed of manganese or iron oxide. It is believed to help enhance one’s self-confidence and perseverance, as well as transform negative energies into positive energies.

Brown Jasper- This mineral is an earth-centric stone that aligns with the solar plexus and emphasizes grounding and balancing while providing stability.  

Frequently Answered Questions 

Q: I’ve ordered a Made-To-Order piece, will it look EXACTLY like the photo in the listing?

A: No, the photos in Made-To-Order listings show examples of how it may look.  We work with Raw Gemstones and no two stones are exactly alike.  If you really like a specific photo, let us know when you check out and we can work with you to find the closest stone we have in our collection.

Q: Can you tell me a little more about your plating process?

A: Of course!

To maintain the gold finish, if worn daily, a plated ring will need to be re-plated approximately every 6-12 months. It will not harm your ring to continue wearing it as the plating comes off, but you may see it change colors as this happens since the gold is becoming thin. We do not use any nickel in our plating so there is usually a flash plate of either Rhodium, Rose or Yellow Gold under the gold you have chosen to help the final Gold plating adhere better.

We do not do the plating in-house, but instead work with a well-established and respected plating company that only does plating and does it very well. 

Q: I’ve had one of your plated pieces for awhile now and I love it!  But the plating is starting to wear off, can you re-plate it?

A: Yes, we can re-plate it for you! Just message us and we can work through that process with you. Another option is to check with your local jeweler.  Just let them know it is a silver electroformed piece that has been plated.

Q:  I really like your current designs, but I want to change it just a little bit.  Can I do that without going through a full custom build?

A: If you just want a simple change like a different stone or a custom size, we would be happy to accommodate you!  Just contact us before you order so we can talk through it.

Q: I want something really special since I'll be proposing soon. Do you make custom engagement rings or bridal jewelry?

A: YES! We absolutely love making engagement rings. Check out our custom design process here. 

Q: I found one of your older designs online.  Can you still make it?

A: Sometimes we can still make many of my old designs.  Just contact us and we’ll chat!

Q: What if it doesn't fit?

A: Be sure you measured correctly before ordering! I DO NOT resize any of my Opal or Turquoise rings because the likelihood of destroying the Opal or Turquoise is too high. I can resize most other cast pieces so if you have any questions please message me and ask!

We do not resize electroformed pieces.

For more information on sizing accurately- go HERE.

Because electroforming isn't an exact science, we consider a 1/4 size variance as an acceptable range. If your ring is more than 1/4 size off the size you ordered, I will re-set/resize it for free as part of the warranty.

Q: Can my Electroformed rings be soldered together:

A: You cannot solder electroformed pieces for resizing or fusing together. Almost all of my electroformed pieces are plated and soldering would destroy the plating.

Q: What are your office hours?

A: We are in the office varying hours Mon-Thur. We are not in the office at all on Fridays. Consultations are available on Tuesdays & Thursdays. If you are living outside the US, want to book a custom consultation, and cannot fit within these time perimeters, please contact us for special accommodation.

Q: Can I have a personalized note added if I'm shipping to someone for a gift?

A: Yes, we would love to include a handwritten a note for you! Just let us know in at checkout what you want to say. 

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